Balanced Elite Athlete

Ashley Quinn is a dedicated health and wellness leader and principal lacrosse coach, who is passionate about integrating the benefits of balanced training into athlete's lives.  As the co-founder of Balanced Elite Athlete, Ashley has incorporated her experience and created sport specific training that creates equity between body, mind and emotional well being.  She has facilitated countless athletes from youth to collegiate level and strives to deliver effective programming that focuses on the whole athlete. As a former Division I Athlete, current marathon runner and Mom to three daughters, she is in tune and in touch with the needs of female athletes.  

Kevin Quinn is a leading youth and high school lacrosse coach passionate about building and advancing fundamental lacrosse skills, while teaching life lessons through the practice of sport.  As the co-founder of Balanced Elite Athlete, Kevin has incorporated his high level of training experience, providing countless athletes the ability to improve fundamental skill while advancing their game. As a former Division I Athlete, he knows what is needed to advance and play at the next level both physically and mentally.